>> Application Background:
         1 HDMI need to support hot plug           
         2 HDMI transmission rate is very fast         
         3 HDMI chip fragile, easy to electrostatic damage           T

      >> Program Description and Notes: 
         1 Separately in the HDMI data line, the clock frequency and so on the transmission line uses the TVS                       to do the protection to the ground, the clamp voltage. 
         2 The junction capacitance of the TVS is less than 0.8pF, the maximum rate of HDMI can complete                          the transmission signal. 
         3 the TVS package is DSON-10, small size, saving PCB space, it is designed for engineers.         

       >> Program Application:         
          1 Notebook computers           
          2 Desktop computers           
          3 Industrial computers               
          4 Set top box           
          5 Pad           
          6 Mobile handheld devices          

          7 TV                        

          8 Other HDMI port electronic devices   

       >>PulseTake Protection Device 

           TVS1/TVS2/TVS3:  PT10A054U

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