>> The Application Background:           
1 Thunderstorms frequently happened at nowadays       
2 When the power supply is damaged, the damage is great.           
3 Power supply lightning damage cause high maintenance costs           
4 Power supply with high surge protection has become an industry trend           

>>program description and notes:           
1 The back end of the circuit use the TVS with fast response and low clamping voltage as protecting solution           
2 The front and use GDT with a large flow, small size and no continuous flow capacity as protecting solution     
3 The inductor L2 and L1 is used for decoupling to drive GDT in action        
4 This protection program meet the IEC61000-4-5, GBT17626.5 and other surge test standards          
5 This power supply scheme can be combined with 1.2/50-8/20 S wave surge test           

>> Application:           
1 Bullet Camara                
2 Dome Camera
3 Power adapter
4 Led power
5 Automotive power
6 Other DC 12V power           

>> Protection circuit diagram

>>PulsaTake Protection Device

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