>> Application background:           
1 Global warming, the thunderstorm weather increased           
2.DVR is usually placed in the outdoor and  easy to be struck by lightning           
3. DVR data is lost, the loss is serious.           
4 High surge protection of security equipment become a trend           

>> Program description and notes:           
1 This program uses one TSS, it connect the signal line to the ground plane.           
2 R2 in the backend of the circuit is used as the decoupling and the current limiting resistor, the resistor recommended as 0805/1206, and the resistance range 0ohm-20ohm, the specific resistance is depended by image quality of the video          
3 this TSS junction capacitance is low, does not affect the data transmission; 
4 meet IEC61000-4-5, GBT17626.5 and other surge standards, the maximum can withstand 10/700uS(40ohm) 6.0KV , the specific protection level is depended by TSS type choosing.          

1 Bullet Network Camera            
2 Dome Network Camera          
3 Set Top Box          
5 Digital Satellite Receiver           
6 Other devices with video ports           

>> Protection circuit diagram:

>> PulseTake protection device
TSS:PT0080SA (Surge ratings: 2KV) 
TSS:PT0080SB (Surge ratings: 4KV)  
TSS:PT0080SC (Surge ratings: 6KV) 

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