>> Application background:           

1.USB3.0 need to support hot plug           
2.Transmission rate is about 10 times higher than that of USB2.0, and there is a more stringent requirement for fault tolerance of data transmission.           
3.USB3.0 chip is highly integrated and vulnerable to electrostatic damage           

>> Program description and notes:           
1 The power lines and data lines share the 2 TVS to be the protected from electro-static voltage.           
2 The TVS junction capacitance is less than 0.2pF to meet the high speed transmission of USB3.0.           
3 Response time is ns level, and the residue is low.           
4 High degree of integration, the use of small PCB board.           

>> Application:           
1. Notebook computers         
2. Desktop computers           
3. Industrial computers            
4. Network printer          
5. Set top box                   
6. Mobile handheld devices     

>>Protection circuit diagram

>> PulseTake protection devices

TVS Array: PT2010P5V05U

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