>> Application background         
1 Global warming, and  the thunderstorm weather increased.             
2 POE power and signal coexistence, so the difficulty of protection increased.           

>> Program description and notes         

1 This scheme uses GDT to do common mode (eight wire) surge protection at the front end of the transformer. 

A low junction capacitance TVS removes differential mode energy at the back end of the transformer, meantime the TVS is used in the protection of static electricity with fast reaction time

3 Front power supply transmission is through the inductor L1~L4,  and TVS5 removes the residual voltage after the inductance.           

4 This POE port program complies with 802.11 electrical standards.           
5 This POE port program to meet the IEC61000-4-5, GBT17626.5 and other surge test standards.           
6 This POE port program to meet the IEC61000-4-2, GBT17626.2 and other static test standards.           
7 Pass through 10/700us (resistance 40ohm) and 1.2/50-8/20us surge test.           

>> Application:           
1 POE power supply           
2 POE separator           
3 POE connector           

4 AP     


>> Protection circuit diagram

>>PulseTake Protection Device

GDT1/GDT2/GDT3/GDT4:   S3RD5-470A  470V±20%,5KA,  < 1pF, 1GΩ.  TVS1/TVS2/TVS3/TVS4:   TVS1/TVS2/TVS3/TVS4:   PT3C031L  SOD-323
MOV1/MOV2/MOV3/MOV4/MOV5: 14D820K 

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