>> Application background:           
1 Climate warming, the thunderstorm weather increased           
2 ADSL is a kind of asymmetric DSL technology.           

3 It supports upstream rate to 512Kbps ~ 1Mbps, downstream rate to 1Mbps ~ 8Mbps over a pair of copper wire to 

4 Effective transmission range in the range of 3 ~ 5 km      

>> Program description and notes:           
1 A fast response time, small size of TSS is used at the front end of the transformer         
2 A small junction capacitance, small size of TVS is used at the back end of the transformer       
3 Meet ANSI-T1.413, TU-TG.992 and other ADSL standards.           
4 Meet the IEC61000-4-5, GBT17626.5, K21, K20, GR1089 and other surge test standards.           

>> Application:           
1 Home gateway           
2 Router  

>> Protection circuit diagram

>> PulsaTake Protection Device

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